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December 9, 2009

Men’s “Junk”

Half_Drunk_EntrySo what is it about penises, or a particular penis, that intrigues a woman, this woman?

I am sure many men and most psychologists would say it is a power issue. When a woman has a man’s penis in her hands, or her mouth, she has a certain amount of power at her beck and call. A squeeze too tight, a nibble instead of a suck and he may wish he had never let her down there.

On the other hand, or in the other cheek – pun intended – a woman holds a man’s penis, and if she is careful, his balls with a feeling of caring and love. The stimulation she can give and the result that comes from that gives pleasure to her partner, and, in most cases, eventually to her.

Some women do not like penises. I personally do not understand this. If your sexual preference is such that you prefer vaginas, that is fine. The same theories most likely apply. What I don’t understand is why a woman would ignore an area of her partner’s body that brings her partner pleasure. Does the same woman want her partner to ignore parts of her body that bring her pleasure?


This is an anonymous entry to our Half-Drunk Challenge.

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BigLittleWolf writes

Not drunk. Not going to beat around the bush. (Ahem.)

I can only speak for myself. It is not about power, it is about enjoying what is – in some instances – an object of beauty. A Brancusi sculpture to stroke and enjoy, and in so doing, to give pleasure. In so many ways. And take pleasure as well, in so many ways.

Quite simple. Beauty and pleasure, giving and taking.

They are not, however, all “beautiful.” Considerable variations exist, and I’m not simply referring to whether or not they stand when a lady enters the room, or come with chapeau or without. It’s a matter of taste. We all have our preferences. Some are appealing, some less so.

But oh, when they sing to you, and you have been slowly brought to a pool of humming together, yes. An object of beauty, to be savored, together.


Nicki writes

Way too early in the morning for me to be drunk, and regardless what you all may have heard, I was only tipsy last night.

I have to say I agree. We, a collective people we, seem to think that pleasure should be avoided. We do our best to not find it in the little things in life. We do our best to avoid it. I think that needs to stop. We need to look for pleasure where we can find it.

So, if you find something that gives someone you are with pleasure, do not think it is dirty or should not be done. Do not stop to ask if it would be appreciated. As Nike would say, “Just Do It!”


TheKitchenWitch writes

In my experience, the penises I have known have always proven rather difficult to ignore. They are persistent little buggers.

I must say that aesthetically, I don’t think they’re real lookers, but they more than make up for it with what they can do. :)


Goldfish writes

I love that you wrote this. I love that it is shocking. And, mostly, I love that you had the courage to put it out there.


Anon writes

I have to anon on here because my friends and family follow what I do on here. I dont want my kids reading this. They’re teens and they’d probably go “ralph” in the toilet at the thought of MOM liking the c*ck. I personally enjoy the hell out of my partner’s manhood. It’s totally awesome and I love it. Same with his balls. They’re big, manly and he doenst have a bunch of hair to worry about. It’s the best part of his body, aside from his brain and face :-)


Nicki replies

I love this comment!!! Maybe if I were still married I would be making the same type of comment.


DeenaKay replies

;-) lol


Liz writes

I just loooove that we are talking about dicks, ladies. Too amusing. I am, however, noticing that we are commenting a whole less here than usual…at this point, usually there are like 40 comments. Hmmm…avoidance? Embarrassment? Interesting.


Nicki replies

Liz – if it weren’t that I enjoy embarrassing my children, I might be commenting with Anon. LOL! But by now, my kids know I am not going to hide.


Sarah replies

I, too, think it is interesting that there are a whole lot less comments here. I understand that everyone has their own views of daring. Of what is comfortable. Of what is uncomfortable. But I do know that the majority of us are heterosexual women, fondly (I hope) having a relationship with a penis in some way. My, My–does that ever sound funny.

As for you, Liz, I hope that you and CHRIS were able to have your drunken love sex on a follow-up night, uninterrupted by teething children and doses of tylenol.


Phoenix writes

I don’t think having a penis in my mouth gives me a sense of power. No, it gives me an unpleasant taste, and a sense of choking.

But putting that aside, a penis is very sexy and beautiful if attached to the right man . . . . One who is worthy and appreciative of what I have to give.


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