Sarah writes

November 23, 2010


There are so many words in my head right now but it is too late to make sense of any of them.

So, all I am going to say is this:

Read Elizabeth’s Disclaimer.

Go now. It is brilliant and beautiful and honest and real. So, so real.

Maybe I’ll have something more Sarah for you tomorrow. Maybe if I disciplined myself to write at 8 am instead of 8 pm I could figure out which words to put down on the page to explain how I’m feeling right now, or what I’m thinking. Unfortunately, the hours between 4 and 8 pm use up the last drops of my brain power and I am left in a semi-catatonic state until the next morning. So, until then, go now and READ ELIZABETH. Oh wait, I already mentioned that. But do it.


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Elizabeth @claritychaos writes

I adore you, Sarah. My sister-in-chaos and occasional brain-twin. Thanks for the shout-out, my dear.


Kelly writes

I get it. Deeply.


Maria writes

I TOTALLY understand. That being said, I also stop functioning around 8:00 p.m., so no apologies needed!


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