Jen writes

April 30, 2012

It’s OVER!

Wow. Thanks to all of you for joining in last week’s festivities. Sarah and I are almost ready to come up for air, and when we do we’ll share some of our favorite posts from the hundreds we were privileged to find linked here.

Five for Five was such a wonderful week of reading and commenting and chatting online. I feel that my own community has grown, as I’ve met new bloggers and re-established broken connections with others. Life is busy, and sometimes it’s necessary to disengage from things like the Internet. But sometimes, as we saw last week, a busy life can expand to make room for more community. For a place to meet others and share ideas and expand one’s own experience through the experiences of others. As much as my eyes are still burning from the late nights of reading blog posts, I’m so glad to have again taken the leap of offering our place as a spot for so many of you to roost for a few days.

Thank you, thank you again and again.

We’ll be back later this week to share more specifically a few things we learned last week. In the meantime, we encourage you to keep supporting each other. And most important, keep writing.

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Adrienne writes

It was a great week! THANKS for hosting – really pushed me to write more, and I visited lots of great blogs that were new to me!


Jessica Peters writes

I was sad that I didn’t get to do all the days due to being out of town on a business trip — excuses, I know, but I enjoyed reading everyone’s blogs! I found some great new blogs to follow!


TheKitchenWitch writes

It was great! It totally kicked my ass, but it was great!


Heather Caliri writes

I tried doing it last year and just didn’t have the energy for it. What a blessing to be able to give it my all this year. I so enjoyed connecting with you both and all the other bloggers. Oops, almost wrote bloogers.


alita writes

Thank you for hosting! I had an amazing time getting to know this delightful community. There is so much mega-watt talent out there. It is such a gift.

I had fun. :)



Robin writes

Thank you so much for hosting such a fun blogging series! FUN! I have to admit that it pushed me out of my comfort zone (new to interacting online with total strangers), but I felt very welcomed by other bloggers who participated. It was a great experience! I look forward to following your future blog posts :)


Maria writes

Thank you for hosting us…and for the wake up call. It was wonderful to get back to my space and do what I love…Hope your eyes are nice and rested now…or at least on their way to rest…


Rudri Bhatt Patel @ Being Rudri writes

Thanks ladies! It was difficult, but it really pushed me to ink out some words. Inspiring to see others do the same.


Nicki (@NickiLynnM) writes

Thank You for 5 for 5! I had a blast doing it and I am actually quite proud of myself for completing all five days! I really hope that you do it again sometime!! :) I didn’t have time to read anywhere near all the posts that were linked, but I did find some new blogs to follow!


Ginger writes

Thanks so much for hosting 5 for 5 last week! I was only able to do 3 of the days but it was great to contribute and find some new people to read! Also, thanks for taking the time to comment on everyone who linked up….I think it made joining in even better…to know someone was reading! :)


Alisa writes

So I didn’t finish the full 5, but what an empowering and fun experience. THANK YOU wonderful ladies for hosting and reading. I am still reading every single post and am amazed by all the great writing out there. See you next time!


Andrea @ Shameless Agitator writes

Thank you Thank you Thank you


Sarah writes

Dear Jen and Sarah,
I just wanted to say thank you for doing this! I only came around to 5 for 5 on the last day, but it was a beautiful way to end the week – reading other people’s insightful blogs, receiving positive feedback on my own. I look forward to the next round! Thanks again!


Arnebya writes

I really enjoyed it, though I found out on Monday and had to catch up. I’ll have to be prepared next time, to think ahead a bit more rather than writing by the seat of my pants.


Tiffany writes

It was wonderful and fun and exhausting all at the same time. Thank you!!!


Mel Gallant writes

This was so much fun to be a part of. First time I wrote five posts in a row – demonstrated to myself I could do this. Just need to plan ahead.

Thanks for such a fun experience!


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