Jen writes

April 10, 2012

Today. Tuesday.

I’m starting to have tiny panic attacks about Five for Five. We don’t have a button. We haven’t announced topics. When will I write? Read? Comment?

Life is so incredibly busy. Last night I slept for 10 straight hours, and while I didn’t exactly wake up tired, I’d nap today if I had the time.

I’m happy and yet I want more. My children are strong and bright and talented and funny. They have friends and activities that challenge them and keep them busy. They are curious and stubborn all at once. I want them to grow up healthy and happy. I want them to thrive.

I fear that they will grow up too fast.

I fear that I will somehow not help them enough to thrive.


Today is just another regular Tuesday. Work for me. Piano lessons for my daughter. A day at home with dad for our youngest. It’s art at school for one, PE for another. It’s an early nap for the littlest so she doesn’t have to be woken up at pick-up time for the “big” kids.

I don’t know what we’re having for dinner. I need gas in my car before I even drive home. We might all meet at the library at the end of the day. Before the unknown dinner.

The house is messy. The laundry is at once everywhere and nowhere that it needs to be. There are only 20 days left until a writing contest ends that I was hoping to enter. There are errands to do and family gatherings to prepare for. And a birthday party for my nearly 8-year-old that isn’t even scheduled yet.

How will it all get done?

It will, of course. The important things get done. The routines like movie night in PJs with buttery popcorn and snuggling under blankets. Or the adults sipping coffee together on Sunday morning while kids explore Easter baskets.

The laundry will never be done.
The house will never be clean enough.
There is always another writing contest.

But I’ll be there for Five for Five. We’ll even have a button. Eventually. And I’ll announce the topics. At some point.

Today is just another Tuesday. But it’s today. And it’s important. And I’m here. Present. Grateful.

Luckily, Tuesday is Just Write day. I’m joining up. Thanks, Heather.

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Laurie writes

We have French Toast and bacon on our menu plan for today. Feel free to steal the idea :)

My laundry is done only because my mother took pity on me and did it. She swept and mopped my floors too (yes I know I am lucky!!!) My bedroom looks like a bomb hit though. Especially the never ending pile of socks that don’t match. Or maybe they do. I am ignoring it until no one has socks to wear, which may be tomorrow, lol.

Can’t wait for Five for Five – I’m sure it will all work itself out somehow!


Kristin writes

I hear you. The laundry is in random states of being washed, dried, folded and put away. The twins broke a drawer and a bike today. I watched one of them crawl on the floor of the grocery store today because she was mad at me (she’s FIVE) and immediately texted my husband that if he wants to eat, he gets to take them shopping from now now.
But now I’m home and the twins are outside playing and the laundry is still going and I’m taking a minute to breathe. I will whip up something for dinner that may or may not please everyone. I’ll go to my oldest’s school conference tonight with just her so my husband can watch the other 3.
I read a blog post today (another Just Write post but I can’t remember the author) and she was talking about the logistics of parenting. That’s what you and I and others are dealing with today.
It will all get done and we’ll breathe a sigh of relief. Before we start it all over again tomorrow.
Sending hugs.
And sorry I wrote an epistle in your comment section. :)


Kristin writes

Oh the never ending pile of socks that don’t match. They live on my bureau. I despite them!


Lisa Richards writes

Sounds interesting! Hopefully I’ll remember to come back and look for your button!


Lisa Richards replies

I made my own button for the time being…just to remind myself. :) I’m still ambivelent about this idea. It sounds like fun, but the more challenges and blog hops I join up on, the less time I have to actually spend with my family. How do you deal with that? Just wondering!


Jana@AnAttitudeAdjustment writes

I feel you on the house business. I’m working at home today and keep passing all the things that need to be cleaned, but I’m trying to ignore it all.

I’m glad you wrote this today!


alita writes

Every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year, … decade is FULL of laundry. If laundry is all put away (a miracle?) Then someone is getting a grass stain or spilling chocolate syrup all over themselves in I-can-do-it-myself independence.

It never ends. Well- until death. So apparently we are all married to laundry piles and to-do lists, eh?

The joy of parenthood! :)


Amber writes

I just read an excerpt from a book. I think it’s called Mean Mom, or something like that. Anyway, she said you should fail your kids a little bit every day.

It struck me, that little sentence did. I think maybe, you should also just flat out fail a little bit every day. Because then you know you’re living.

But I hope you figure out what’s for dinner. I don’t know yet either.


Justine writes

Laundry is the bane of my existence. And dinner…well I love cooking but having to rush food out before baby’s bedtime at 6:30 makes it a little interesting for me to actually enjoy the process. It’s like playing Beat the Clock at dinner time, only there are no prizes for me.

Can’t wait for Five for Five. But no pressure. It’s going to be great regardless.


TheKitchenWitch writes

This is the first day that I have been able to sit up and be on the net for over an hour. I have a catheter which makes me feel 80 years old. I also told the docs that while they were in there, they may as well suck my backfat out, which they kindly did, but I didn’t expect to hurt like a bitch. Although I don’t miss the back fat.

You are putting too much pressure on yourself. Have a few glasses of wine with Sarah and just talk about what you would like to hear from us, from women in the trenches. You know we will be there with you, no matter what.


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