Sarah writes

November 13, 2012

tuning in

I’m stirring the risotto. Stir, stir, add stock, stir.

Max appears in the doorway.

“Mom, can you teach me how to play the guitar?”

“I’ve been meaning to learn myself, buddy. Maybe we can learn together.”

“Will GG teach us?”

“Sure, yeah.”

He strums for a while, singing.

Stir, stir, add stock, stir.

“Mom, I got so many songs in my head for when I grow up and go on American Idol that I just can’t decide which one. Like Baby, Don’t Let me Go and Snow Is Falling. Just so many. So, so many…”

Stir, stir, clutch my heart, stir…

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Momalomsmom writes

Clutching mine, too. Guitar lessons all around starting on thanksgiving. I’ve got that nice old guitar just gathering dust, waiting for Max’s inspiration. American Idol better still be on I. Ten years!


Shawna writes

Beautifully heart clutching.


Robin writes

I love risotto and heart clutching moments :)


Judi Murphy writes

Max can be anything he wants to be. Gooooooooo MAX!!!!


Rose @ Walnut Acre writes



Tiffany writes

Oh my handsomeness. Add a guitar to that? Watch out girls!!!


Alexandra writes

Adored this post. Got me right in the heart in 2.5 seconds.

Giving you a shout out on my Best of the internet this week post today.

This was heart melting.


Sarah replies

Thank you, Alexandra. So sorry it’s taken me this long to respond. I’d like to say I’ve been otherwise engaged in “tuning in” but truth is, I’ve been busy with the benign, and sick kids, and life’s work. I’m grateful to have a moment to look back at these very recent words and know that I had a moment there – of peace, grace and simplicity. And also that someone else tuned in to my tuning in. :)


Lady Jennie writes

I’m visiting from Empress.

What a gorgeous boy, and such high dreams already. He doesn’t just want to be on AI – he’s already got a list of songs!


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