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May 24, 2012

Unexpected: A blog contest for 3 Sprouts

Yesterday I wrote a very quick list of some unexpected joys I’ve felt since becoming a mother. There’s another one every day, of course. There has been since the day I found out I was pregnant—the very definition of unexpected joy. In the 8-and-a-half years since the two lines appeared on that very first pregnancy test, I’ve (re)experienced so many things through my children’s senses—the sound of a choo-choo train whistle; the smell of a Band-Aid and it’s cure-all powers; a hot-air balloon hovering above an open field. Children experience wonderment every single day. If we—their parents—are lucky, we experience the wonderment with them.

When we’re not talking about feeling overwhelmed or what to cook for dinner or how expensive it is to keep our growing kids in shoes, Sarah and I share our own mothering joys with each other. How thrilled she is that her son is a soccer superstar. How impossible it seems that all three of my kids have different coloring. Our children surprise us and stop us in our tracks daily. In fact, making sense of motherhood—including all of these surprises—was one of the reasons we started this blog more than two years ago.

And that’s why we’re thrilled to share that we’ve teamed up with 3 Sprouts, a company founded on the belief that motherhood is full of unexpected joy. Their cute line of modern, whimsical products is guaranteed to make you smile. And each one has an unexpected detail of its own: The eyes on the hippo towel that look like buttons. The dog’s ear that looks like dad’s tie. There’s even a squirrel in their animal lineup! Every product is designed to look special and intended to feel one-of-a-kind. (You know, kind of like your child!) We’ve selected some of our favorites to show you in this post, but jump on over and check out the rest of their cute organizers for yourself. (And then come back, because the part about how you can win $150 in 3 Sprouts stuff is coming up.)

So here’s the scoop: Through May 31, we’ll be hosting a contest for 3 Sprouts. (Cool, right?) Don’t worry, the rules are simple.

1. Write a post on your own blog* about anything unexpected you’ve experienced since your own two lines on an EPT. (You don’t have to write about joy, though we hope you have plenty to dwell on!) In your post, please link to the 3 Sprouts website, and include that you’re writing to enter the “3 Sprouts Unexpected” blog contest.

2. Like 3 Sprouts on Facebook. They’re on Twitter, too!

3. Link up below. (Please link to your specific “Unexpected” post not to your main blog url.)

In partnership with 3 Sprouts we’ll choose a winner, who will receive $150 to spend on her favorite 3 Sprouts merchandise! Whether your baby needs a cozy, hooded bath towel or your big kids need a bin to store all their stuffed animals, you’ll find the perfect adorable solution at 3 Sprouts. So start thinking. Are you surprised by your child’s talents? Or by her unique fashion sense? Does his child’s lovey remind you of your own, 30 years ago? We can’t wait to hear about your unexpected moments. Tell us! And good luck!

* If you don’t have a blog but you want to enter, don’t worry! You can leave your unexpected moment in the comment field over at the 3 Sprouts blog.

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Galit Breen writes

Ohmyheart, I’m over the moon for this!


Drew writes

What a great giveaway! I posted over at 3 sprouts blog, but it hasn’t showed up yet :)


3 sprouts replies

It’s showing now! Thank you for your comment! :)


Ash writes

Oh I adore 3 Sprouts – we have a purple hippo bath towel and a purple cow smock that was gifted to us when our first daughter was born back in 2009. It would be amazing to organize my girls toy room with they’re adorable storage bins.


Katie writes

Thanks for hosting this. Love 3 Sprouts products!


The Baby Is Fine writes

Thanks for hosting! I am new to the mommy blog world and this was a great chance for me to jump in and participate in something fun with all you other great bloggers :) I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone’s posts (and the comments on the 3sprouts blog, too!)


Jennifer writes

I’m so glad I saw this on Galit’s blog. I’ve been having total writer’s block and this contest freed something up inside me.


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